Pictures from my visit to Quantico, VA, and Cumberland, MD

During two recent trips to the Baltimore area in mid-August 2005 and again in mid-September, I took the opportunity to also travel to Cumberland, Maryland, and Quantico, Virginia to revisit important people and places from my past.

This first set of pictures are of the places as they are today in 2005. They are not displayed in the order that I took the pictures, but rather, they are more in a chronological order of where they placed in my life. These are places I have lived or were important to me during times I lived in these two areas.

Quantico, Virginia, and surrounding areas

When I was last in the civilian town of Quantico, there was a house here in which I used to live when I was very young (4 years old or so). As you can see, it is now an empty lot.

In 1970-71 (I think - 5th and 6th grades anyway), I lived in this house on Quantico MCB. I erased the numbers on the house so as not to upset the current residents.

During that time, I attended this school during 5th and 6th grades.

Later, after living in the vicinity of Rochester, NY for a couple years, we moved back to Virginia. We first moved into a house in Dale City at the end of Bismark Ave. I got this picture of it on my next trip into the area in mid-September 2005.


Then we moved into this house (the one on the corner) in the civilian town of Quantico. It was white when I lived there.

While there, I worked at Terry's Sewing Shop for a couple years. I also worked at her laundry mat next door after she bought that. I was sad to learn that Terry passed away several years ago.

During the last half of my senior year in high school, we moved to Stafford, but I managed to finish up and graduate from Garfield High School anyway. Here is a picture of it from the internet. I tried to get a picture of it from the road, but it didn't look good, especially with the fence that is up now.


I used to go fishing in Quantico Creek when I was in 5th and 6thgrades. This place has now been made into a nature walk area. Click on the thumbnails below for full-sized pictures of this very nice area now.


I also drove through the Quantico National Cemetary. This cemetary, which has been built since I lived in the area, is very similar to Arlington National Cemetary. Click on the thumbnail pictures below for full sized photos of this very peaceful memorial to our servicemen.

During the time that I lived in Quantico while in high school, I became friends with Belinda and Steve, who were hosting Belinda's sister Denise for the summer. She became my very first girlfriend (blush) and she came to visit three summers. Anyway, here are the places they (Belinda and Steve) lived:

First, they lived on 4th Ave in Quantico Town the first summer. The house should be one of those pictured below.

Then they lived at the bottom of this street in Triangle. I am not sure if it is the house in this picture or if there was another house on the corner which has since been taken down.

They lived in Thompson Park on the base the third summer. Unfortunately, the base has completely leveled all the houses in this housing area and built new ones as seen in this picture. This picture could have also gone at the top of this page as I lived in this housing area in 1962/3, though I don't remember living there.

On this site, there used to be some kind of small sewage treatment structure that I helped build in 1978 when I was also working construction with a contractor which was engaged in cleaning and repairing the sewer system on the base. I don't remember the name of the company. I was kind of depressed that this structure was gone.

After I graduated from high school in 1978, I worked a little longer for both Terry's and the sewer contractors, then moved to the Cumberland area.

Moving on to Cumberland

Here is a picture of the first place I lived in the Cumberland area. I stayed over the store with my girlfriend's family for a while. It has been greatly updated in the 26+ years since I lived there.

Then I moved about a quarter-mile away to a trailer/house. I drove by to make sure it was still there. I think it's pretty cool that it is. I got a picture of it from the hill across the street. As you can see, it is well below the level of the road and is on a curve. I think the trailer part closest to the road was added on after I lived there.

Later, I moved to this house on Beall Street in Cumberland. I shared the upstairs apartment with a couple other guys. I wasn't here often as I was either riding my motorcycle or at work (Pizza Hut).


Finally, I moved to Iron's Mountain where I had a bedroom in the basement of Ronnie and Linda's house. Here is what the house looks like now.

Here is Ronnie in front of the barn across the street. Ronnie and Linda used to have several horses here. The field to the right and behind the barn used to be pasture for the horses - and sometimes for riding mini-bikes.

And here is Granny's house (Linda's mom). I took this picture standing near the barn (above).

During the whole time I lived in the Cumberland area, I worked at the Pizza Hut restaurants in LaVale, Cumberland, and Frostburg. I also attended college at Allegany Community College during the last year I lived there. I will get pictures of the restaurants and the school on my next trip.

That takes care of the important places from my past. Here is a picture of Ronnie and Linda's back yard today.


Now for some current pictures of the people whom I am very glad to have reestablished contact with after a very long time. First up are a few pictures of some of the members of my second family.

Ronnie, Linda, and Mom Hardy


Mom Hardy
Mom Hardy and her new baby


Ronnie and Charles. This picture was taken in the parking lot of the Double T Diner in Baltimore (below).

I introduced these gents to some very good Greek food here. I learned all about Greek food when my mom worked at a Greek restaurant when I was in high school, but I came to love it during the 8 years total that I lived in Greece while in the Air Force. Follow this link to some recipes of my favorite Greek dishes.


Ronnie's dog, Snuggles. I decided not to change the glow in the eyes.


Belinda and I went to lunch and just sat here for several hours catching up on over twenty years. It was a great time.


Belinda and her daughter, Alicia. Alicia, who was not even a gleam in her mother's eye last time I saw Belinda, is recovering from a very bad auto accident. She just had to sit up for the picture. Good luck to her on her recovery!


Here are some pictures of my buddies from my days before Air Force

Jack and Nevin were my best friends from the Pizza Hut days. Not only did we work at the restaurant(s) together, we also rode motorcycles together.

This is a painting of Jack which was done several years ago and which currently hangs in his entry hall. I do not have the artist details, but this painting is very well done.

Jack let me ride his toy ... what a blast!

Here is a picture of my best friend during high school, James; his wife, Debbie; and another friend Jimmy. It's been too long since we got together.

This was a great trip, though pretty short. I hope to keep in much better contact with everyone in the future.