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To the left is my current photo, taken April 2005. No, I don't wear that suit to work very often. There is a little bit larger size linked to the picture. I have a larger size if you wanna scare young children or otherwise want to have fun ... just ask and I'll email it. Tell me, do I look fat??

To the right is my last photograph in the military, taken about June 2001.

I'll post some other pictures of me over the years, to include some tourist pics from England and Greece as well as some other pictures of me in uniform.

Although I don't drink very much or often, I do like a good beer every now and then. I especially like trying new ones. This is my plate at my favorite pub in San Antonio, the Flying Saucer. It signifies that I have tested at least 200 different beers from around the world. Unlike some of the people who have achieved this milestone ahead of me, it took me almost two years to accomplish this feat. I plan to post a list and pics of some of my favorites at some future point. I am also amassing a pretty good collection of special edition glasses, which I will also post. I also have a fairly large collection of beer bottles - see my beer bottle wall page.


Golf is one of my favorite activities, but one I don't get to (or maybe its take time to) pursue very often. I have played several courses in San Antonio. While I was in the Air Force, I got to play a few courses around the world such as England, Greece, and Australia as well as many courses in the US. One of my favorite courses is the Gordon Lakes Golf Course on Fort Gordon in Augusta Georgia. I finally shot below 90 in 2004. Maybe my resolution for 2005 should be to play more golf to see if I can do it (break 90) more often!

I have also gotten to watch a couple professional tournaments. I saw a couple rounds of the Masters Tournament in Augusta: the third round in 1999 and the final round in 2000. I have also watched a couple rounds of the Texas Open (2002 and 2003) and the final round of the 2004 Senior PGA Championship. Both of these tournaments took place here in San Antonio within 10 miles of my house.




Drew & Julie Wedding Picture
September 1988
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I married my lovely wife, Julie, in Tuscaloosa in September of 1988. We met while we were both assigned to the same unit in Athens, Greece. Her father married us and her brother (gladly, I've been told) gave her away :). We honeymooned in Ixtapa, Mexico, at the Las Brisas resort, now the Westin resort. Our original plans were to go to Jamaica. However Hurricane Gilbert pretty much wiped out the island and we had to do a last-minute change.

I stopped on 21 December 2004 to show the boys the church where we got married. After driving around scratching my head for a little while, I decided to ask directions (See, men will ask directions...sometimes...when they are getting old and gray). So I stopped in a Publix supermarket near where I thought the church should be, where I asked several workers, but noone knew the location of the church. Finally, one of the customers overheard my question and told me that the parking lot of the Publix that I was standing in (shown above) occupies the site of the former church! I think the alter would have been just a little left of the coke sign.

Mustangs are my favorite cars

This is an old picture of me and my (former) 'Stang right out of the paint shop. I spent my one and only reenlistment bonus in fixing her up. Picture was taken in Glyfada (near Athens), Greece in 1986. A couple weeks after this picture was taken, I replaced the rims and tires with Centerlines and Goodyears, then lowered the front 2". I had already tied the front and rear subframes, had a four-point rollbar welded in, and relocated the battery to the trunk. I also did some engine work and had a custom interior installed.

Thanks Jack for the pic and the memories.

I'll dig up a photo or two of my other (former) 'stang, a 1968 fastback that I drove and dragged around in various conditions from the east coast, to Texas, to the west coast, to England, then back to the east coast. I sold it when I found out how expensive it was going to be to haul the car and the spare engine, transmission, and rear end to Texas on my last move. I fully intended to get another toy (whether Mustang or some other 60's or 70's era car), but never got the garage cleaned out enough to do so. Next move maybe ....

Speaking of mustangs, I REALLY like the new Mustang ... I added my own plate to these pictures which I gathered from the net.


More Pictures:

Follow this link to a online album containing various pictures from my life since I got a digital camera in the summer of 2000.