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The boys are in the Rawlinson Jazz Band, which played along with the four high school bands at Clark High School's Spaghetti Dinner on 22 February, 2005. Click here to watch and listen to a clip of their rendition of "The Pink Panther". (Well, I tried to attach it ... click here to download a zip of the file. Please be aware this file is nearly 5MB so will take some time to download)

Clips of their pre-UIL concert coming soon. The UIL (I don't know what it stands for) is a competition among all the area middle school bands. I believe there are some 26 schools, and most of them have two bands.

The boys played in their first A1 Band concert of the year on 18 October, 2004.
Click here for some pictures!

Some pictures of the boys

Having fun at the beach
Getting silly at the beach
Recuperating from the beach