Beer Bottle Wall - Part II

The Goods

As you may have seen on the first beer bottle wall page, I built this wall specifically to hold my beer bottle collection. It gave me a chance to practice some skills I need to do a couple other projects. I started out as something simple, but the project grew and expanded and here is what I ended up with. It looks so good that I should really finish up the rest of the attic space to complete the man cave. I have menus from Rudy's Bier Garten and from the Flying Saucer that I could frame and hang on the wall. I have a toy car collection, mostly Mustangs, and a bunch of car and motorcycle related books in the boxes on the shelves at the end of the room. Then all I would need is a recliner or two and a tv. And a small fridge. And an air conditioner ... and that's all I need. Well, I have the summer to plan it and when the weather cools down again, them maybe I will do some more.

Uh oh, someone at work just clued me in to a new place in the local area that carries a lot of different beers. I visited last night and they have in excess of 350 different bottles. Just the math will tell you that this store has almost double what I have on the wall. Now, I have many that the store doesn't have, and the store has many that I will probably not want to put on the wall (the common ones like Bud, Mich, Miller, Pabst, etc). But there are a lot of pretty cool ones that I can't wait to try. I guess I will have to do the other side of the room to match!


Now, while this is nice, the purpose of having the wall is to display all of the bottles for your viewing pleasure. This webpage is the virtual equivalent, so here are closer shots of each shelf starting from the top to bottom, and right to left (closer to further away). You can click each small picture to obtain a larger version. A couple of the shelves have already changed from when I took the individual shelves to the above picture, but the changes were minimal and I will eventually correct it. I labeled these in the following format: Column 1-10 (column 1 is closest to you in the pic above) and the shelf on the left in each table equates to the top shelf in the column. Sounds confusing, but you will see.

BTW, I have been asked several times already and yes, I drank every one of these beers. Most of them more than once :)

Column 1

  • Stone - IPA
  • Stone - Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Lagunitas - Lucky 13
  • Lagunitas - Gnarley Wine
  • Hog's Breath Beer
  • Wasatch - Polygamy Porter
  • Vondel Brown Beer
  • Ommegang - Three Philosophers (small bottle)
  • Dominion - Oak Barrel Stout
  • Avery - The Reverend
  • Avery - Ellie's Brown Ale
  • Avery - Salvation
  • Avery - White Rascal
  • Avery - The Beast
  • Ommegang - Three Philosophers (large bottle)
  • Brouwerij Bosteels - Deus
  • Yellow Rose Brewing - Buffalo Butt Beer
  • Samuel Adams - Chocolate Bock


Column 2

Fancy - Biker Beer set

(missing one that I know of)

La Grande Armée Set

(not complete)

Fliegerbier - Pilot's Beer Set

(at least one missing)


Column 3


Column 4



Column 5



Column 6



Column 7



Column 8



Column 9



Column 10