Our Future Home

We are in the process of buying this house. This is as close as we have come, or probably will ever come, to our elusive "dream house." It's multi-level, has a very nice kitchen, four living areas and five bedrooms (theoretically). It has a built in 2-car garage and the three car garage outside (storage will not be an issue). It has a pool, about a half acre of deck (I'm not sure this is much of an exageration if you include the pool deck), complete with a large gazebo and a second gazebo with a hot tub. It backs up to the end of a large pond/small lake. There are lots of trees, almost all hardwood with a couple token Georgia pines. There is some room for improvement: kitchen counters are being put in prior to us moving in, but the flooring will be left for us to install; the driveway has a small section that is broken out and needs to be replaced; and the pond at our end is silted up and needs to be dredged someday. But the rest of the house is awsome.

Right now, we are just waiting on inspection and appraisal, everything else (read financing) is a go. We are unsure of our actual move-in day as our contract with the sellers allows them to rent it back out for a little while to give them time to sort out their orders.

I will try to take more photos during inspection day and post them.

NEW! Click here for a photo tour of more of the house!

Front view

Kitchen with dining room in the background

Family Room

Another Family Room

Back of the house from the deck

View from the dock out in the pond

View from the diving board

The 3-car garage