Mountain Ride, 30 October 2007


So it took me a year to get this out on the web. I had a lot of technical problems that I couldn't figure out, then it dropped back in priority until I nearly forgot about it. But here is the story as I remember it.

Mark and I took our fall ride to the mountains on 30 October 2007. We trailered the bikes up to Walhalla early in the morning. It was still 29 degrees when we pulled the bikes off the trailer and headed up the mountain. Fortunately, it began warming up rapidly. We rode from Walhalla, SC up Rt 28 to Highlands. We then headed towards Deals Gap, NC, where we ate lunch at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and bought a couple t-shirts in the store. Then we mounted the bikes and rode through the Tail of the Dragon. For those that aren't familiar with this road, it boasts 318 curves in 11 miles - reportedly the curviest road in the U.S. It was a ton of fun! The only down-side was that the photographers from were not there to imortalize our achievement :(

After the gap, we headed toward Cherokee, NC, a neat tourist town. We did not stop in the town on this trip, but I would like to go back sometime with the family. Even though it was getting a little late in the afternoon, I talked Mark into riding up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. We rode up approximately 15 miles to the first scenic overlook. What a beautiful sight! I would like to drive this historic and beautiful road on another trip. It would be a three or four day trip to do it right since the road is 469 miles from end to end.

We finally began heading toward the truck, making it only as far as Highlands by dark. We were still 30 miles from the truck and it was getting very cold, so we felt obliged to put on the rest of our cold weather gear for the final dash. We got the truck loaded and drove the two and a half hours back home, arriving at nearly 11PM. It was a long day, but a good one.