Ryan Graduated!!!!!


Congratulations to Ryan, who graduated today, completing his required formal education. We are so proud of him ... and quite relieved that this year is over . He is thinking about where to go from here. Meanwhile, follow this link for a few pictures (warning, some of the photos are shocking).

I didn't have a long lens, but here is Ryan accepting his diploma


Derek the mad biker

Presenting a grown up Ryan. We just got in his senior pics today. Click here to download a PDF slide show of all of the photos (file size warning, the file is about 6MB).

To save a copy of the slideshow file, containing all of the pictures, first STOP the slide show by clicking the red X in the upper right-hand corner (you can also click the X on the pop-up screen that will try to get you to download Adobe Photoshop Album, or you can download it if you want, its pretty good). Look above the photo, there should now be a toolbar. To the left should be a button to "save a copy". Alternatively, you can click "file", then "save as..." to save a local copy for yourself.

To extract any photos in their original JPG format (for instance, to put in a digital frame), in the toolbar mentioned, toward the right side there should be a button that says "picture tasks." Click that, then select export pictures. Check the boxes next to the photos you want to extract (or select the box toward the bottom that says "select all." In the upper right-hand portion of the window, it will ask you where to save the photos, and will probably default to "My Pictures," which is probably fine. Or you can click the button to navigate to another directory you want to save them in. Once there, I would recommend clicking the button that says "create directory" to keep them all together. Just keep the original filenames.

I just also uploaded a zip file containing all of the photos. You just download it here, then save it on your computer. Once its saved on your computer, just right click the file to extract.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Took some pictures of the boys in their band uniforms ... check em out here

I finally made a page for Mountain Ride 2007 (needs some more work, but it's something) and I also created the page for Mountain Ride 2008 . WARNING: The 2008 page has lots of pictures and is VERY LARGE (2.4MB). It may take some time to load.

Here is our newest car/project, a 1993 Dodge Daytona

Chads Raceday! click here

My latest project is to replace the wiring harness on Julie's Miata. It got out of hand (as these things tend to do). Here is the story so far...
What a great name! No, this is not a joke, this is an actual real estate sign currently posted nearby (this is not my phone number)

I haven't updated the page lately. My computer doesn't like this program for some reason. I will some more current info here soon, but until then, follow this link for my Lincoln's Birthday 2007 photos.

If you haven't seen our house (been here a year) (click here)


Click on the bike button to see a few pictures from my ride to Highlands, NC in 2006. Will have a new page for the 2007 ride soon.

My new cars! Yes, they are 2008 Challenger Convertibles. Well, I guess not since the Challenger is still a concept car and that hasn't even been shown as a convertible yet or in these colors. But, with the magic of the computer and my limited skill, her is what I think one would look like some day. Enjoy, but don't look too close.

Here is an unaltered one (except for the size) of what the concept looks like. You can search for 2008 Challenger in Google Image search and find the rest of the series.

OK, I was playing some more and wanted to see what a Daytona-style wing would look like on one. I am pretty happy with the car itself, but I think that to maintain the original look, the wing needs to be a little highter. I am still working on the background. I am only posting the small one, but you can click it for a version the same size as above.

I guess I need to do a good update on this page. I'll get to it someday. Meanwhile, the boys and I went to the last practice round for the 2006 Masters Tournament. Follow the link to the left for a couple pictures.

See pictures of Derek and Hope here

In mid-August, Drew had a meeting in the Baltimore area. He drove and took a few extra days to visit friends from the days before the Air Force. Click here to see some pictures from this trip.

Just added a page of recipes for some of my favorite Greek foods here

Now I'm starting a photo album here for friends and family that will have a little more information, but will also be in a protected directory. If you wanna see it, please shoot me an email.

Another trip to Quantico and Triangle to figure out the houses. Click here to see them

Couple of fun links:

300KPH = 186MPH

This is a fun one too

Newsflash: Drew has a Harley!

Drew picked up this baby on 16 November 2005 on the what may have been the last day of indian summer for this year. The next day, the temperature dropped 30 degrees, but he is still out there riding. Picture on the left is the obligatory new customer picture taken at the dealer. The picture to the right was taken out at Clark's Hill Lake (or Strom Thurman Lake depending on which state you are in). The bike is a 1999 Road King, Police edition (FLHPI) with a custom paint job on it and a pretty good amount of chrome. The bike is in excellent shape and already came with the backrest for passenger comfort. Julie seems to be getting excited about her new role as "Biker Babe."

Julie has Retired!

Julie retired November 3rd, 2004, after serving 20 years in the Air Force.

"Hey Dad, look what I won!!!
Dad and the boys had some fun at the "Starving Artist" show in San Antonio, April 2005. This is how the artist saw us. Bet you can't tell who is who.
Ryan's School Pics
videos of belt tests
Derek's School Pics
End of the school year concert
Band Camp & Concert

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